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« Elegance in Violence is looking now for nice active members! ¤ Vertigo is now online and back in action in version 2.5! ¤ Elegance in Violence now fully moved to version 2.5! ¤ New Auth-System for America's Army 2.5.0 online! »

Elegance in Violence

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Elegance in Violence
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We are an international America's Army clan, we are a great bunch
of people from around the world who have fun everytime we play the game.
We are a group based on friendship, that includes of course,
trust and effort from all members and unlike almost all clans,
every member of this community has his function to maintain the clan.

Besides this, we proudly would like to show you what we have to offer.

Our main objective is to keep this clan up and growing as a community,
then we are able to help every America's Army player
or clans who are interested to know more about this game.
We like to help everyone so dont hesitate to ask for help

But mostly, we would like to create an atmosphere of friendship
among all America's Army players and a enjoyable place
for everyone who have fun playing this great game.
We are always ready to help anyone, and we would
be glad if you make yourself at home everytime you visit us.

Others Will Follow... Where We Lead !!!


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Elegance in Violence Server

Assist's future is unclear.

Posted by Ru$tY. (Administrator) at Tuesday, 10. September 2013, 19:33. 6 comments

If you're seeing this message, it means I am in the process of moving the site to a new host.
Due to the recent events, our hoster has terminated out account.
AAO25.com will be back up soon. Assist's future is unclear.

For those that are not aware of the situation, Assist, in an effort to combat hackers, had a feature implemented into it on September 2nd that allowed the collection of files on the user. This feature severely infringed on privacy of the user. This was wrong. While no personal information was collected, this could have easily been used for malicious purposes. It severely abused the trust of our user base. It was decided that it's best to shut down Assist now to stop everything in it's tracks and take a few steps back to re-think this project. I can't say if Assist will come back in the future, personally, I would like to see that but we have a long road ahead of us including rebuilding trust (if possible) with our users.

Please come back to AAO25 soon, I hope to have the forum up in the next day or two.

Thank you.

AA 2.5 - Cheaters Free

Posted by Ru$tY. (Administrator) at Monday, 5. August 2013, 07:11. One comment

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I'm glad to announce that in the last few days Assist has been developed in a tool that detects all private cheats out there. We had the help of someone awesome and it's what you all have been asking.

I can tell you that Assist works better than CDC from TWL did and a few were already banned, some more to go in the next few days.

My personal thanks to JonnyM, Spanky, Possessed and ELiZ, they are truly great.


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